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Lp gas

Everything you need to know about gas cylinder recycling

Recycling gas cylinders is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to replace and reuse LP gas around your home or workplace. One of ...
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Man standing beside Gas tan

5 Reasons Why Should Choose Our Family Owned & Operated, Independent Petrol Station

When it comes to getting all those essential items — like petrol or LP gas, hot food, drinks or even a phone charger ...
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Feeling The Cold? Why LP Gas Is An Affordable & Eco-Friendly Energy Source

If you’re fueling your heating and cooking appliances during the cooler months, you need a reliable energy option. We always recommend LP Gas ...
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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy At Peninsula Gas & Fuel

So, you know that you can drive into Peninsula Gas & Fuel to stock up on great coffee, hearty meals, petrol and gas, ...
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How Safe Is Your Gas BBQ? Our Top Tips For BBQ Gas Cylinder Safety

It’s no secret that Aussies love a BBQ; and with people entertaining at home more than ever, it’s essential that you understand the ...
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5 Reasons You Need Our Gas Bottle Delivery Service

Whether you’re firing up the backyard barbie or you’re fueling your business, our gas bottle delivery is a fast and convenient option. Peninsula ...
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